The Company

DTG INC is a leading Canadian pioneering company based in North America that specializes in the manufacturing of multi-wires.

Over the past years, it has invested over 1.6 million dollars to offer products of top quality in the field of diamond wires. To achieve its goals, DTG INC has assembled a team of young highly professional staff under the supervision of a doctor in polymer science.

DTG INC has recently focused on research and development of the Flexible Fitting Process based on selected polymer formulations in order to optimize the bonding between the beads and the wire during the cutting operations. DTG INC is an expert in determining the right polymer for the fitting process.

Above all, the research team of DTG INC has implemented a unique method of production called Ultra-Sintering through investigation and research in the field of advanced metals and mineral powders. This system consists of offering a production system that shows a greater flexibility and higher stability during the sintering process of diamond beads.

The Ultra-Sintering technology is especially developed for the growing multi-wire sector and adapts the required bead matrix to the needs of the clients.

Through its Ultra-Sintering technology, DTG INC is able to answer the needs of its clients with respect to the cutting conditions and the technology in service.

As of today, DTG INC can boast of more than 10 years of experience in the diamond wire industry.